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Dr. Edwin Williams has authored books to educate prospective patients about surgical procedures in easy-to-understand language, helping the reader make an informed decision with realistic expectations.

In Everything You Need to Know About Fixing and Reshaping Your Nose, Dr. Williams walks us through the rhinoplasty surgical process, sharing what he tells his rhinoplasty patients in his own surgical practice, including the consultation, the procedure, how to plan for pre-op and post op, and what outcomes and results are possible.

Dr. Williams wrote the book on Rhinoplasty

In this thorough guide, Dr. Williams condenses his 25 years of experience—holding nothing back—to help prospective patients decide whether a nose job is right for them.

Everything You Need to Know About Fixing and Reshaping Your Nose contains invaluable advice and instruction in a step-by-step accessible format.

The second book in this series by Dr. Williams, Blepharoplasty: Everything You Need to Know About Revitalizing Your Aging Eyes, is a straightforward guide, providing patients with the options available to bring a more youthful sparkle back to their eyes.

not just any surgeon will do. trust your look to a nationally recognized rhinoplasty specialist.

Both books are available in softcover or a downloadable format via Amazon or by contacting our office.

Dr. Williams is currently at work on Rhytidectomy: Everything You Need to Know about Revitalizing Your Aging Face with Natural Results.

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