Post-Operative Instructions

What to Do At Home After Nasal Plastic Surgery from the Williams Center

Proper recovery plays a significant role in how a patient's nose heals after rhinoplasty surgery. The Williams Center in Albany, NY, has a detailed list of post-operative instructions, designed to help patients heal well and enjoy their results.

For answers to questions about any of these post-operative instructions, contact the Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists in Albany, NY, by calling 1-800-742-2797 or sending a message online.

Following surgery, you will need to sleep with your head elevated.

Your throat may feel slightly numb following surgery. The doctor uses a medication in the nose that sometimes drips down into the throat. After surgery, be careful when swallowing fluids; take little sips at first.

Once drainage has stopped, it is no longer necessary to wear the dressing that has been placed under your nose. Change the dressing under the nose (if present) as needed. Prior to surgery, please buy 3x3 gauze and tape for dressing changes. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ICE ON THE NOSE.

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A dressing will also be placed in each nostril. Unless the doctor instructs you otherwise, the dressing in each nostril should be removed 24 hours from the time of discharge. You may take a dose of your pain medication. Be sure you are in a sitting position and in front of a mirror. Grasp the dressing between your thumb and index finger to remove it. Repeat these instructions for the opposite side.

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