Common Nasal Deformities

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While every nose is unique, there is a general look many people consider to be ideal: symmetrical, proportional, straight, and very natural in appearance. With that look in mind, men and women tend to come to the Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists to address one or more common nasal deformities. The Albany, NY, based Dr. Edwin Williams has the knowledge, experience, and eye to work with a range of problems, including those most frequently cited by patients as the reason for choosing nose surgery.

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Nasal Hump

A nasal hump is an overly large or bulging bridge, which is made up of both bone and cartilage. Instead of the bridge making a straight line from the forehead to the tip, the nose features something like a speed bump in the road.

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Large Nose

As common nasal deformities go, a large nose alone may not be considered to be a problem—if all of the other facial features are similarly large and everything appears in proportion. If a nose seems overly large when compared to the eyes, ears, and mouth, however, a patient may want it to be smaller.

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