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Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

While a thorough consultation with a skilled surgeon is the best way to answer this concern, in general a candidate for rhinoplasty is healthy, has finished growing—especially in the facial area—and has positive and realistic expectations for what the surgery can and cannot do, both physically and emotionally, for their appearance.

Teenage Rhinoplasty—What Age Is Right?

Most surgeons believe teens can safely undergo a rhinoplasty once their nose has reached its adult size—usually 15 to 17 years of age for women and 16 to 18 for men. Keeping in mind that each patient is unique, there are additional factors that could alter these suggested ages, such as congenital nasal birth defects or post-traumatic nasal deformities.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

not just any surgeon will do. trust your look to a nationally recognized rhinoplasty specialist.

Your face will experience some temporary swelling and bruising. Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work one to two weeks following surgery. You will see 80 percent of the result after just one week, 90 percent after two weeks, and additional subtle results after three months. Your final result will be apparent about one year following surgery. You can see how a surgeon must have both skill and vision to perform a rhinoplasty that looks natural while meeting the patient's expectations.

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