Rhinoplasty Misconceptions

Albany's Williams Center Helps Set the Record Straight

Though nose surgery is a common and established cosmetic procedure, the team at the Albany, NY, Williams Center still encounters patients who have concerns due to rhinoplasty misconceptions they have heard. Dr. Edwin Williams addresses many of these points in his Famous Fireside Chats, and also answers some of the more common misconceptions here.

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Misconception 1: I'll Look Like I Had Work Done

not just any surgeon will do. trust your look to a nationally recognized rhinoplasty specialist.

The goal with nose surgery at the Williams Center is not just to give your nose a new size or shape, but to provide results that look natural and in harmony with the rest of your facial features. As "The Face Specialist," Dr. Williams is a national educator on rhinoplasty and has more than two decades of experience in working with a range of individuals, each with unique facial structure and personal goals for their nose. The advanced techniques he uses maximize results and minimize the signs of surgery.

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