Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty

Nasal Surgery for Symmetry in Albany, NY

Symmetry is often considered to be a major element of beauty, with the right half of the face mirroring the left. Unfortunately, this symmetry can be marred by a crooked nose. Rhinoplasty from Albany, NY, based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams is frequently chosen by patients who want to straighten a nose that is crooked due to injury or other trauma—or even one that has been crooked since birth. This surgery frequently goes beyond the cosmetic, sometimes also addressing breathing patterns that are abnormal due to obstruction.

A non-symmetrical nose does not necessarily prompt someone to seek crooked nose rhinoplasty. Women and men who do choose the surgery tend to do so because the crookedness of their nose disrupts the balance of their face, because they want to get rid of a visible reminder of trauma, because the degree of defect significantly hampers proper breathing, or some combination of the above. Dr. Williams works with patients who have any and all of these goals.

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