Rhinoplasty for a Large Nose

Bringing Balance to the Face in Albany, NY

While there are many reasons a person may seek out rhinoplasty, a large nose is probably the most common. In Albany, NY, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams meets men and women of all ages who want their nose to be smaller. Though this is an understandable goal, he works with each patient to help them understand that the problem to be corrected is often one of proportion and balance. He certainly can and does make large noses smaller with surgery, but they must also harmonize with the rest of the features of the face in order to look natural.

That said, there are some common features shared by patients who seek out rhinoplasty for a large nose, including over-projection (a noticeably prominent nasal tip), a convex dorsum ("strong" bridge in the middle of the nose, or nasal hump), a particularly wide midsection or tip, or some combination of all three. This can be hereditary in nature or the result of injury to the nose. Whatever the cause, Dr. Williams works to correctly assess the elements of a large nose and comprehensively address them for a natural-looking result.

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