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Widen an Overly Narrow Look in Albany, NY

For men and women with a pinched nose tip in the Albany, NY-area, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams offers a procedure to shape the tip so that the nose has a consistent width at the bottom and the top. The pinched look may have been present since birth, or may be due to cartilage collapsing after a fracture or other trauma. Unfortunately, a previous rhinoplasty surgery— perhaps by a surgeon lacking in experience—can also cause a pinched nose tip. If too much cartilage is removed in an effort to create a refined tip, for instance, the resulting look that appears over time can be disproportionately narrow.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in nasal procedures, such as Dr. Edwin Williams, can help patients to reduce their chances of getting a pinched nose tip from nasal tip-shaping surgery. Not only this, but Dr. Williams can correct a pinched tip by harvesting septum or ear cartilage and using it to rebuild a stronger, more proportional, natural-looking tip.

not just any surgeon will do. trust your look to a nationally recognized rhinoplasty specialist.

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